Burnt Stain Eraser

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Removes dirt and oil stains from IH glass tops, pans, and gas ranges. Stick type that can be used like an eraser.


Contains: Sodium bicarbonate and orange oil.

Net weight: 35g

Country of origin: Japan


How to use:

- Add about 10ml of water and rub, the cleaning ingredient dissolves and you can easily remove the burnt.
- Wash or wipe the tar with wet cloth.


Recommended for cooking appliances such as IH cooking heaters, gas stove top, pot and kettle.



Brass, Soft metal such as aluminium, Metal coating, Pet products, Fluorine, Processing resin, Surface of coating, Stone, Artificial marble, Plastic, Lacquer dispenser, Wood, Tiles not painted, Precious metals such as gold and silver, Coatings, Other smooth glossy materials, a curved or concave surface.