Diatomaceous Earth Double Block

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Size: Width 4.5 x Depth 4.5 x Height 6.7 cm (1 Pc)
Weight: 110g x 2 Pcs
Material: Diatomaceous Earth

A simple diatomaceous earth object that fits into any interior.


These blocks are made of diatomaceous earth, which has high hygroscopicity and deodorant properties, it absorbs moisture and odours.
With it's simple design, it fits into any interior. It is recommended to use it at the entrance or refrigerator.
As an object that absorbs moisture and odor on the desk or at the entrance by stacking, and by putting one in shoes or putting a hat on it, you can remove the moisture and odour that you care about in shoes and hats. You can also use it as fridge deodorant and moisture absorbent of the room (non-machine, no noise dehumidifier)