Gold Sponge - Kyoto Katsugu

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Product Size: 3.5 x 5.7 x 3.1 inches (8.8 x 14.1 x 8 cm)

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Gold / Silver: The specially attached metal particles are aluminum fine particles

Copper: The specially attached metal particles are copper fine particles, and the antibacterial activity is stronger, so it is difficult for germs to propagate.


"sponge" is very common, there are various materials and sizes in the world.

KYOTO KATSUGU Sponges are dedicated to making sure that your cookware will last a long time. 


1. It removes dirt quickly.

This sponge have the same material on both sides that makes it easy to remove dirt easily without worrying about the wrong side.

It is also thin, so you can fold it and use it in any shape you like to wash.

2. Will it scratch the pan or pot?

Hard sponge or melamine sponge will!! So they are not recommended as they leave minor scratches on glassware, pans, pots, sinks, and other surfaces.


Melamine sponge


Hard sponge


Kyoto Katsugu sponge



 3. Washing experience

If you have used a net sponge before, you know that you have to worry about the net getting caught on the food and rip off easily.

The KYOTO KATSUGU sponge covering net is woven with a special adhesive of metal particles in a loop, so it is resistant to tearing, and has a strong scrubbing power.


4. Usage precaution

Do not use bleach.


5. When to change your sponge

If the surface becomes a transparent film, the metal particles will disappear and the cleaning effect will be reduced, so it's time to replace it with a new one.