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KARARI Bottle Dryer L size - White

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Size : Approx W6 x D6 x H21.4cm 

Material : Polypropylene + Diatomaceous Earth

If you ever smell the inside of your water bottle. do they smell?

Sometimes, water bottle will gives a bad smell when it is not dried properly fast enough.

KARARI Bottle dryer is here to help you to absorb the smell and water droplets quickly and efficiently.
By using two of the KARARI Bottle Dryer, storage/ziplock bags that are difficult to dry can be dried quickly !
A ways to use KARARI Bottle Dryer: 
1. Inserting the bottle from above.
2. Inserting the bottle from below.

Wash only with water, DO NOT wash with soap.

Air-dry overnight after wash and microwave 20 seconds before reusing.